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1 July 2015

Triathlete Europe - Vanquish Review - July 2015

Zone3’s Vanquish is their second in command wetsuit but with a £425 price tag should be considered top-end. The first thing we noticed was just how flexible this suit is around the shoulders and arms. In the water this allows for great freedom of movement and helps with a fast turnover that’s linked to faster swim times. Also this helps to reduce fatigue, especially over long distances. This is achieved by using a single 1.5mm Yamamoto 40 SCS neoprene panel that runs from the left forearm, up the arm, across the upper chest and shoulders, and down the right arm.

Each forearm has what Zone3 call their Sensory Catch Panel. This is essentially a water repellent Lycra panel that replaces the neoprene and helps to provide a good feel for the water.

The chest area of the Vanquish uses a 3mm neoprene panel that helps with flexibility and allows the chest to expand. To increase buoyancy Zone 3 has sandwiched a ‘T’ shaped 5mm panel within this chest region. This is also designed to act as a roll bar to help with torso rotation. We didn’t notice this making a marked difference but it certainly had no negative impact.

Around the hips and core 5mm neoprene has been used and this helps to lift the centre of body into an efficient position in the water. On the front of the upper legs Zone3 has used 5mm Aerodome neoprene panels, which feature tiny air pockets for added buoyancy. To the sides of the legs this Aerodome neoprene sandwiches NBR, which is a buoyant material found in life jackets, to provide maximum lift.

The arms and ankles use 2mm neoprene that does a good job of sealing and being flexible meant we had no issues with fast removal in T1. The Vanquish uses a reverse zip that’s easy to open and saves any worry of zips being pulled down during a race.

All of this combines to make the Vanquish a wetsuit that’s easy to like because it’s easy to get used to and performs well in the water. It provides an efficient body position and offers flexibility usually reserved for more expensive suits. As such it offers good value and punches well above its price point.

Performance: 9
Value: 9

30 June 2015

Monster Racing Sprint Race Report 28th June 2015

The Monster Racing Sprint sponsored by Revitaflex took place on Sunday, 28th June. The event returned for its second year with superb routes and a great base for Race HQ, Blackdyke Fisheries.

100 athletes took part in the sprint triathlon event that consisted of a 450m swim in the calm clear water at Blackdyke Fisheries, followed by a 21km bike ride through local sleepy Feltwell and then 4km mostly off road run through private woodland.

First across the line in the men’s race was Andy Sole (Ely Tri Club) in a time of 58mins and 10secs. Second male was Petros Giannaros (Cambridge University), 00:59:32, and third male was Adam Wells (Ely Tri Club), 00:59:45.

The women’s race was won by Jo Davies (Cambridge Triathlon Club) in a time of 1h 5mins and 5secs. Second female was Claire Bloom (RG Active Race Team Essex), 01:09:12, and third female was Christine Strathmann (RG Active Race Team Essex), 01:11:15.

First and second placed athletes won cash prizes donated by Revitaflex, third place athletes won a voucher donated by Zone3. All podium winners also received nutrition pack donated by Profile Protein. Tasty race nutrition was provided by Hammer Nutrition and 9Bar and athletes were kept well hydrated by local Iceni Water.

Age Group winners: 16 – 24 – Samuel Mileham, 01:01:58. 25 – 34 – Matthew McClure (Whizzy Tri Club), 01:00:19 and Natalie Lawrence (Transition Tri), 01:12:55. 35 – 44 – Andrew Fillmore (Ely Tri Club), 01:01:13 and Lesley Robins (Ryston Runners), 01:14:42. 45 – 54 – John McAndrew (Ely Tri Club), 01:01:47 and Linda Hones (Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon Club), 01:16:36.  55+ - Keith Hood (Wymondham A/C), 01:19:56 and Karen Cole (RG Active Race Team Essex), 01:13:12.1111

A Monster Racing spokesman said: “This small and friendly sprint triathlon is perfect for beginners and a PB course for the experienced. Like last year the event attracted a mixed field making a great atmosphere out on course as well as at Race HQ. We are known for putting on friendly events with superb routes and this event does not disappoint!”

The organisers would like to thank everyone who helped marshal, all competitors, all safety and ‘behind the scenes’ crew as well all our sponsors. Thank you also to Blackdyke Fisheries for providing such a great facility.

Monster Racing have a number of events left this race season. Details and entries for all events can be seen here

Images courtesy of Ian-Green Photography.

12 June 2015

Daniel Besse takes the Victory at the LD Triathlon in Belfort

Car journeys and stress of the day before

Since the Rushteam has decided, on the spur of PA in December to make a semi-ironman distance club out in Belfort, this triathlon running through my head as a goal. The experience of last year in Troyes was very good and with twice as much training this year, I know I can do better (eg through better management of the bike to be able to run, not walk after ). My hip was a little questioned in winter but since the beginning of 2015 I feel good and feel I have gained enormously in endurance (perhaps slightly at the expense of pure speed). The 20km of Lausanne had also demonstrated the ambition now to target 4: 00-4: 15 / km on the running game.

D-Day is announced for Saturday, May 30 Ecublens starting on Friday with dad, mom and Cendrine for a trip actually quite fast and an arrival on site for lunch or dinner depending on whether you are French or from Valais; the instinct of PA jurisdiction. In short, the important thing is that we have received our ration of pasta. In the afternoon, I go do a little bike warm up while others go see the old city of Belfort. I find myself on a small quite hilly road, and used it to test the bars on twenty kilometers. It blows but apart from that the day is looking good. Back at the hotel I realize that I lost my flask with hose and a change of clothes if I ever bore. Despite all the city partially redone walk and the rest in the car with Gianna, impossible to find them. Not enough to buy either the expo village that happens to be smaller than my expectations and I would therefore have the right to return a few more drive to finally find a store that can sell me the tools to go reassured the next day. My roommate Bernard made car trips on his side meanwhile, to a doctor because her medical certificate does not contain the phrase "compete" ... Welcome to France! Many adventures for the day before the race, but everything Rushteam finds himself relieved the evening at a pizzeria where I swallowed my hunger with portion of lasagna.

The plan: to the swimming hole, it is my strong point

For the competition, the plan I have in mind and inspired in part discussion with Phil is simple: leave quickly swimming away for about possible rocket bike. Shoot well early in the bike then to keep away if possible. Not too much to force the last kilometers before the tank to pass that hump quickly, even to be well into the top because the descent is to recover. The end is supposed to be easy. Then on foot, but managed according to the form 4: 15 / km is a good starting point.

Stress is not too visible. I try to stay calm, humming in my head music loudspeakers, talks with anyone who will; Finally, up to half an hour before the race from when I had to say a word more, gaze and thoughts focused on my race. The pistol comes quickly and even if he does not really hear, the race is on. After a few strokes of arms, I am already alone. Well, I go, I told myself. All is well swimming during this part, even though I know it's easier for me. A little sad to see the second buoy but the head canoe noticed my frequent hesitations and starts right in front of it remains only to monitor and keep a good pace to make the hole as planned. At the exit to the Australian, I see already anybody and swim for me the second round also. Just below 25 minutes while the announcer announces commenting my transition to explain the conduct of a triathlon viewers. I find it difficult to remove the feet of my neoprene but a long way, I'm still among the fastest as I change any habit and did not even put my bike shoes in the area.

Belfort 2015 - Q1

Water output leading with a minute ahead, happy with my swim and my new Zone3 Vanquish for her first competition.

2015 Belfort - T1

Rapid transition to a bicycle left for 87km.

Cycling, hold as much as possible

Upon starting the bike, my path is guided by two police motorcycles, one is a little small dog with a car emergency road ahead but the other remains at a constant distance of a hundred meters. The course is hillier than I expected by the PA descriptions that had a registration. I remain on the bars often anyway and put me in my rhythm. I see no one yet so it's up to me to manage the bike with a little too irregular rhythm; well I mean too regular speed, dropping me several times on the climbs few hundred meters where it remains at the same rate as in the previous false flat. I take advantage of these great moments with the encouragement of some spectators and the road all for me. After 10km, I take my first task Powergel and drinking well. In a small village, I have to slow down a little because of a car, but otherwise the course is superb and with volunteers at all crossings; plus the flashing lights of the police in some tight turns, I like being on a closed road.

Gradually, I am told that someone will end up joining me and when I hear a motorcycle behind me, I tell myself that my finest hour arrived; according to the rate, it will take me or leave from. But no, this bike is the announcer giving comments for accompanying remained on site and told me I had 2'30 ahead in the 10th kilometer. A small thank you from the hand but nothing more on my side; I do not leave the aerodynamic position. The parade kilometers and quickly. I begin to put me a little dancer in the climbs, but I still feel good and take my first frost. Then comes the approach of Ballon where according to a second pass of the bike, my gap has remained constant over the initial loop. The wind then face and keeps me in spite of myself to save me for the climb; as a mixture with euphoria probably do that attacked me after the initial laces Sewen shrinking violet. Zoup, zoup few virolets and it is already easier again. The panels on the roadside remind me against the "bump" is the distance of a Mollendruz. I sentence in part in the forest and then think of TDFO then the rise of Alpe last year I had also made ​​against the clock. Come on, it has nothing to do and in addition it seems that it goes down again afterwards. Well, I must still go on my lower speed and that I still look fat. What do I do to pass the time trial on passes in the 39-25? 

Km 1 according to the panel, and it gets a little less steep.
 Go big plate and go again my dick. Finally, for a little; I have to put the little last rising part but it is actually on the bars and eating a fruit bar to Mom that I pass the summit. Filling my flask before with the back at the beginning of the descent (which earned me to spend the second pin with a water bottle between the teeth, it may be better between the buttocks ... a story dinner the night before).
In the downhill, I did not risk because the road does not take very good and I am not a specialist; the more I like least take turns with my clm my road bike and I lost my and my glass (s) -of-contact in the wind. But we are still at the bottom quickly. Rebosse First, I draw up this little spoiler big plateau. Mal took me, as when the motorcycle redépasse me to say that I still had the same lead at the top, I'm small plateau again because of two simultaneous cramps in the thighs.Ouch! churns, churns! Here it goes more or less. Must not go too hard after the descent because the alarm clock hurts. Powershot A final for the race, and not to drink too much force. 10km it passes quickly anyway. And what a beautiful picture than to go into a completely empty bike park.

Surprised to be still in the lead at the end of the bike.
 Empty transition Park! Now there's more that carry it to the end.

Now it is for me

I fear losing a little time with all these stories, so it's the cleat I throw myself on the part Cap. We must put a layer on the first round; it will do me good to me by giving me a small margin but mostly it's going to saw the morale of my pursuer.The thighs complain a bit on the climb but I run like a gazelle on the first three kilometers. The forces then remind me of my reason and my freshness. Unlike Troyes, I decided not to stop by and against it's just a bit of water I pour myself with current supplies until 9th ​​kilometer. There, I think it is better to start managing a bit and then take the time to walk ten meters at all ravitos for a glass of coke and more water. The pace slowed a bit but I'm holding. In passing to 11km, I cross Cendrine and I think she must have had a problem seeing the spectator and my only word of the race will be to ask what happened to him. Otherwise, I am unaware of the outside world and with the addition of my very limited view of the loss-contact-lenses, I set at 10m and over without asking questions. In the next two rounds, I'm scared by the loop to the start because I see the world but reassuring at the top of the bump me saying that my lead was big enough; hard to realize the exact margin gently but I think it's good.

Belfort 2015 - CAP

End of the first round in Cape Town, it gets hard but it should be.

2015 Belfort - arrival

What happiness to go out on top in the middle of the crowd!

I take the crowd on the last 100m by tapping the hand of everyone right (well, except Mom and Cendrine glued to the finish banner, but I have not seen). Raise the banner is just beautiful. Exhausted, I lay down on the floor before the speaker will remember for a victory lap. I take the shoes out of habit but am not asked me to type the hands of the other side of the arrival hall. When I return to the first side, the second competitor happens and I stop my turn to cross the line with him;to the great chagrin of mom who will not have the right to slap her again.

The raise banner, just magic! (© Photo: Facebook triathlon Belfort )

Small passage with a journalist from the then East Republican and welcome supplies. I have not eaten much of the race but it did not bother me. Cramping thighs emerge again by cons and massage is more than appreciated even if it is not enough. Showers, encouragement of other rushtistes and discussion with a few people to finish; although still somewhat in the dark, I do not realize is that too much and does not have too many comments. Top of the podium anyway!Wouhou! Nice trophy and a bouquet of flowers for Mom. No prize money, which is perhaps a competition probably a little lower than last year at Troyes; but my personal race was also significantly better than last year.

2015 Belfort - Rushteam

All competitors Rushteam. Too bad Cendrine did not finish, beautiful club out otherwise.

Back to the group with the Rushteam. Thank you to all accompanying elsewhere for support and encouragement. I still feel relatively fit, able to drive without further. The thighs are very harsh against by and nothing but sit during the time of supper is almost too long. The neck and back shoot them too. And I thought sleep like a baby after passing the driving to PA, but actually I slept very badly; too excited about this crazy day.

The next day I just hurt all over but nothing unusual for an effort like this. And I do not see how I could complain about elsewhere; with satisfaction, my mind can wander to something else anyway!

11 June 2015

Triathlete Magazine review the Aspire


Good swimmers will love the Aspire for its natural feel, while the style minded will appreciate its  purple and gold rocker-chic look. Neutral buoyancy gives a gentle lift in the water without  influencing rotation. So if you’d rather control your rotation—a feature that experienced swimmers may appreciate—rather than get rocked side to side, the Aspire deserves your attention. A snug neck keeps water out while specially designed easy-out arm and leg cuffs make for a speedy T1.

Best for: Advanced Swimmers

Junior athlete Johnathan Chatten reviews the Vanquish

The Vanquish is the best suit I have ever worn; it has incredible flexibility, buoyancy and comfort. The main reason I love the suit is because it gives the feel of swimming without one. The feel for the water is incredible this is partly down to the Sensory Catch Panel, a thin rubber area that cools allowing you to feel the water as if it was on your skin.  Arm movement doesn’t feel restricted in the slightest unlike with other suits due to the thin shoulder panel that is extremely supple. This allows for fast arm turn over and the thicker leg neoprene is almost elastic allowing effortless, efficient kick. The buoyant chest pane helps keeps you afloat and in an aggressive swimming position.  

The Pro Speed Cuffs are another handy feature, made of a thinner more flexible neoprene and coupled with the upwards breakaway zip allows the wet suit to be ripped off quickly in transition. This is extremely important for anyone looking to gain some free speed to make sure you get in to the right bike group, saving both time and energy that would have to be used to chase back on. The zipper also prevents the suit being undone by a fellow competitor in the brawls around turns in the swim.

I would recommend this suit to anyone and at the price it is the best on the market for Olympic and sprint distance racing. I am an elite junior athlete competing in the British Superseries, and this suit has decreased my swimming times and more importantly helps save energy. My transitions are now super slick and have allowed me to make the step from youth to junior racing more easily.